For the last few months, I’ve had way too many negative thoughts running through my head. Thoughts of inadequacy, self-doubt, and regret. Although it should be easy to replace these negative thoughts with positive ones, the simplest of things aren’t always easy. Sometimes we need a nudge from a friend, family member, or even a good book.

After battling against negative thoughts for the past four months, I came across an Audiobook called “Soundtracks: the Surprising Solution to Overthinking” by Jon Acuff. After listening to the audiobook for a few hours while on an airplane to a friend’s wedding, I realized that the negative thoughts in my head were nothing but soundtracks on repeat. If I wanted to replace them, I needed to either pick some new ones or find someone else who has the ones I need.

At the end of the day, Soundtracks are nothing more than the positive or negative thoughts we allow to occupy our minds. If you tell yourself your life is a failure, then that’s what you’ll manifest. Rather than wallow in self-doubt, pick a new soundtrack, such as “My life is dope!” Trust me, it works wonders. 

**PS If you’re a grammar nazi, this blog is not for you!

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